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Open Pluggable System (OPS)

OPS PCs, adhering to the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), are standardized modular computing platforms tailored for digital signage and display applications. Commonly found in commercial displays, interactive whiteboards, and digital signage solutions, OPS PCs offer the following key attributes:

  • Modular Design: OPS PCs feature a uniform form factor, allowing effortless insertion into compatible displays and screens. This standardized design streamlines installation and upkeep.
  • Performance:OPS PCs offer a spectrum of processing power, memory, and storage capacity options. They are available in multiple configurations to cater to diverse performance needs.
  • ConnectivityOPS PCs typically encompass an array of connectivity choices, including USB ports, HDMI or DisplayPort outputs, Ethernet ports, and wireless connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Operating System Compatibility: OPS PCs are versatile in terms of operating systems, supporting platforms like Windows, Linux, or Android, depending on the model and intended application.
    Vivido OPS are available in i5 10th Gen | i5 11th Gen | i7 10th Gen Processors