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VIVIDO, derived from the word vivid offers quality AV solutions to its customers and partners. With VIEWING RE-IMAGINED, we plan to revolutionize the traditional visual platforms and introduce our customer base to new forms of audio-visual solutions.


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Why Choose Us


With smooth supply chain we cater to our distributors and dealer’s demands easily. This also helps us to be a step ahead from our competitors.


We offer a huge roster of screens in different Aspect Ratios, Sizes and Fabrics to provide a quality viewing experience


Vivido offers competitive pricing with its products without compromising on the quality.

Viewing Re-Imagined

The story, the visual, the sound is key to any storytelling. The true taste of something new and immersive can only be experienced once, be it a movie, documentary or your favorite series. Why should you compromise on this experience, why opt to watch on a laptop or a LED TV when you can view as it should be and feel the experience as it should be.

We at VIVIDO make this experience special for you not just once, but every time you view those visuals.

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