How do I buy a VIVIDO product?

Currently the orders are taken up by the nearest distributors in your area or you can call us directly at the number mentioned on our website. You can also email us at the email address mentioned on website and a person will be allotted to handle your query.

What is the need of a Projection screen when I have a white wall already ?

What are these terms Diagnol size, gain, aspect ratio ?

To understand these terms you can check How to choose guide on our website that will in detail help you understand these terms and help you choose the best projection screen.

My Image/Video projected is hazy and is out of alignment, what should I do ?

These situations arise when projector is mounted at a wrong distance. For alignment related issues you should contact a repair/service man.

Will a 3D Screen make all images/videos 3D when viewed ?

No, for viewing 3D videos and images, the content needs to be recorded in a 3D format. A 2D movie will not provide a 3D experience when viewed on a 3D projection screen.

What is the difference between Slow retraction and Manual Screen ?

A slow retraction screen works in the same way as Manual Screen works, the difference is between the retraction process of the screen, a slow retraction screens rolls back slowly whereas a Manual screen has a faster roll back process. Slow retraction screen protects the screen from rolling damage better.

My Internet is running perfect but why is the viewing content loading up slowly?

This situation arises when the user is using an HDMI cable of low transfer speed. It is recommended to use an HDMI cable of 18GBPS speed or Higher. A low data Transfer speed HDMI cable might also cause damage to the Projector in some cases.

My projection screen has stopped working, whom should I contact ?

In a situation such as this, please write an email at and a person will be assigned to your query.