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Fresnel PET ALR Screens

The Vivido PET ALR Fresnel screen is at the forefront of technology, incorporating cutting-edge Fresnel Lens Technology. Comprised of concentric circles, these lenses effectively refract light, concentrating light rays from the source. Similar to a Fresnel lens, a Fresnel projector screen is constructed with specific profiles in rows. These screens are meticulously designed to refract projector light in a way that concentrates light rays towards the viewer while diffusing light from other directions, safeguarding the picture quality.
It's worth noting that these screens differ from lenticular projector screens, which employ tiny parallel rows to reject overhead light while permitting the projected light to reflect off the underside, directing it back towards the viewer. This distinction ensures an exceptional viewing experience with minimized interference from ambient light sources.

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Fresnel technology is a game-changer when it comes to combating ambient light, ensuring brilliant visuals even in well-lit surroundings. The key to its success lies in its unique optics structure, capable of redirecting incident light for an even distribution. Comprising eight functional layers, it excels in projecting high-quality images. The screen's dark grey hue efficiently absorbs ambient light while enhancing brightness. Each layer is meticulously crafted from resin material, housing nanoscale particles that work their magic to deliver impressive picture quality. This innovation paves the way for a truly captivating viewing experience.


Grounded in the fundamental Fresnel Lens Principle, this cutting-edge screen technology is backed by an impressive portfolio of five patents. Featuring a sophisticated design with eight optical layers and an ultra-thin 11mm frame, it excels at rejecting ambient light, ensuring stunning visuals. Not only does it deliver remarkable picture quality, but it's also built to last, with a lifespan extending beyond a decade. Its elegant and exquisite appearance seamlessly blends with any environment. What truly sets it apart is its speckle suppression capability, ensuring your eyes are protected, and your viewing experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Sizes Available: 100”
Aspect Ratio Available: 16:9
Formats Available: Fixed Frame Hard

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